Galaxy 700 XB

The Galaxy 700 XB is a processing line that, in addition to performing the optimized drilling of the reference holes after processing the panel with X-rays, eliminates the “flash” from the panel edges and rounds the corners, allowing good and safe handling for subsequent  processes.

The Galaxy 700 XB is a fully automated processing line that includes an Antares module for the execution of the reference holes, followed by a module that performs the “flash” removal from the panel edges and the rounding of the four corners. Basically, the panel is delivered not only with the optimized tooling holes, but also with perfectly straight and beveled edges and corners, this allowing the efficient and safe manipulation of the panel during the subsequent processes. Other functionalities are available, such as the measurement of the panel thickness, the marking of the serial number and other data, and the removal of the burr around the “multiline” slots. The machine feeds itself by picking up the panels to be processed from the input cart and depositing the worked panels in a stack on the output cart.