Our product are based on the following key points on which we are continuously working for the most advanced solutions:
Axes motion, based on the linear motor technology with big advantages in terms of position accuracy, cycle time (speed up to 60 m/min, acceleration up to 1 g), durable reliability and no need of maintenance.

X-Ray vision system based on X-Ray sources and sensor of last generation characyerized by the high image definition and reduced energy of the X-Ray beam, which reflects on a negligible exposure of the operator (no need of wearing dosimeters) and a long life of the X-Ray tube (over 5 years).

The software of our machines is entirely developed by us.
Therefore we guarantee the highest efficiency, reliability and capability of following the customer exigencies. Our systems are based a single CNC controller managing different activities like the motion control, the I/O and the vision system.
One of our targets is also to dedicate a special care to the job of operators, by making any effort in the design of the most intuitive and efficient user interfaces

Data Collection and Net Integration.
When a process is based on measuring atctivities it is important to collect those data that allows the customer monitoring and improving the quality of the production.
This is another important target we put in the foreground, together with the integrability of the machine in the LAN.